Enduring food 2

The second reason I chose the name enduring food for this blog is because I think real food is food that has endured through the ages. God created so many varieties of plants and animals, and created them to work together – bees pollinate the flowers and make honey, cows help fertilize the grass – in so many ways, probably ways we don’t fully understand. I think God’s design is pretty intricate and perfect. It doesn’t require over processing for shelf stability (food is supposed to spoil), or genetic modifications for resistance to pesticides.

So, we try to eat foods that have endured over time – things that have only one ingredient, because they are the ingredient. Some of the most delicious foods I have eaten are simple preparations of in season vegetables. Eating a juicy tomato right off the vine is one of my favorite things in the summer. I love eating with the seasons. Food tastes better when it is allowed to grow how it is intended, and ripen naturally.


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