Meal plan Jan 21-27

The plan went somewhat out the window last week with 2 sick kids, and some schedule changes. But, you roll with the punches. I ended up making dinner for my whole family Thursday with my sister – we made fish tacos, and they were delicious! I made a double batch of sourdough tortillas – so we had a bunch of veggie quesadillas for lunches, which were awesome.

Also, my father in law gave me a crepe pan yesterday, so I’m going to try out a sourdough crepe recipe I have wanted to try. My husband is home tomorrow, so I’ll have some time in the morning to experiment.

So, here is the plan for this week:

Monday: sourdough crepes & yogurt smoothies :: veggie quesadillas :: tomato & lentil soup
Tuesday: yogurt smoothies :: sourdough corndog muffins :: quinoa cakes and roasted butternut squash
Wednesday: creamy rice :: corn dog muffins :: pork chops & quinoa
Thursday: oatmeal :: pizza quesadillas :: baked falafel & salad
Friday: oatmeal :: pb&j and carrots :: dinner out
Saturday: eggs & sausage :: leftovers :: hearty nachos
Sunday: pancakes :: leftovers :: salmon cakes & green beans


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