CSA week 1

We joined a CSA this year. We did the same one several years ago, but decided to just shop farm markets the past few years. We decided to split the robust share with my sister and her family.

So, here is what we took home this week.


From left to right, a bunch of flat leaf parsley, a purple kholrabi, turnips, dill, escarole, arugula, summer squash, rainbow chard, lettuce, salad mix, curly kale, basil, and stuck underneath – garlic curls.

Our pick up day is Thursday, so Thursday night I sautéed some chard in lard with salt, pepper, some garlic, and some parsley. I added some scrambled eggs and made a delicious & quick frittata. I whipped up some sweet honey oil and vinegar dressing to pair with the salad greens and some arugula. I love the mix of sweet dressing and spicy arugula – amazing!

Tonight was leftovers from earlier in the week since it was just me here tonight. Here is the plan until the next bag comes.

Saturday :: I plan to try to try a spatchcock chicken on our shiny new grill for the first time. We also have a sweet new grill sauté pan, so I plan to sauté the summer squash on the grill, too.

Sunday :: I like to use the crock pot – so I’m doing pork shoulder in the crock pot. Probably a side salad with all those greens.

Monday :: garlic curl pesto with a side salad – YUM! I love garlic curl pesto.

Tuesday :: veggie frittata

Wednesday :: garden chowder with any veggies I haven’t used up yet.