CSA week 1

We joined a CSA this year. We did the same one several years ago, but decided to just shop farm markets the past few years. We decided to split the robust share with my sister and her family.

So, here is what we took home this week.


From left to right, a bunch of flat leaf parsley, a purple kholrabi, turnips, dill, escarole, arugula, summer squash, rainbow chard, lettuce, salad mix, curly kale, basil, and stuck underneath – garlic curls.

Our pick up day is Thursday, so Thursday night I sautéed some chard in lard with salt, pepper, some garlic, and some parsley. I added some scrambled eggs and made a delicious & quick frittata. I whipped up some sweet honey oil and vinegar dressing to pair with the salad greens and some arugula. I love the mix of sweet dressing and spicy arugula – amazing!

Tonight was leftovers from earlier in the week since it was just me here tonight. Here is the plan until the next bag comes.

Saturday :: I plan to try to try a spatchcock chicken on our shiny new grill for the first time. We also have a sweet new grill sauté pan, so I plan to sauté the summer squash on the grill, too.

Sunday :: I like to use the crock pot – so I’m doing pork shoulder in the crock pot. Probably a side salad with all those greens.

Monday :: garlic curl pesto with a side salad – YUM! I love garlic curl pesto.

Tuesday :: veggie frittata

Wednesday :: garden chowder with any veggies I haven’t used up yet.


Menu Plan Feb 25 – March 2

I have been busy doing house projects to get our house ready for listing. So, I’m trying to get back on track this week. I’m baking a bunch of sourdough goodies today – scones, English muffins and cinnamon rolls (first time I’ve tried these).

Feb 25 :: eggs & sourdough rolls, carrots & hummus and applesauce, cheesy quinoa cakes & green beans

Feb 26 :: cinnamon rolls, leftovers, salmon cakes & roasted butternut squash

Feb 27 :: english muffins, leftovers, red beans & rice with pork

Feb 28 :: PB banana shake, leftovers, loaded nachos

Feb 29 :: oatmeal, leftovers, chili cornbread bake

March 1 :: eggs & sausage, leftovers, quinoa Mac & cheese

March 2 :: shake, tomato & lentil soup, quesadillas

Clearing out the pantry

I have a bunch of stuff in my pantry that I bought for a specific recipe, and haven’t used the rest of the container. Other things I bought on a whim and haven’t used yet. There are some bulk purchases that are almost gone and need to be used up. I also have a whole freezer full of meat & other bulk purchases, some things I froze last summer that I need to organize and use up. So, I’m going to use the rest of January & as much of February as I need to clear out the pantry.

I want to be a good steward of our resources, and I hate wasting food. What has worked for me previously is putting everything I want to use out in a corner of my countertop. I really don’t like having a lot of stuff sitting out, so it is a great motivator for me to use it all up in a short amount of time.

I tackled the pantry and fridge this morning, and hope to get to the freezer later today. It is a good day to do it since our freezer is in the garage, and it is really cold today, so I can take some time getting everything out, organize it and make an inventory list of what we have so I can plan ahead for some cuts of meat I don’t have a lot of experience with.

So, I have a bunch of odds & ends sitting out on my counter top, and occupying a prominent spot in the fridge. Hopefully this will help me use it up, and remind me not to buy things I don’t really have a plan for – because I probably won’t use them in a timely fashion.

Meal plan Jan 21-27

The plan went somewhat out the window last week with 2 sick kids, and some schedule changes. But, you roll with the punches. I ended up making dinner for my whole family Thursday with my sister – we made fish tacos, and they were delicious! I made a double batch of sourdough tortillas – so we had a bunch of veggie quesadillas for lunches, which were awesome.

Also, my father in law gave me a crepe pan yesterday, so I’m going to try out a sourdough crepe recipe I have wanted to try. My husband is home tomorrow, so I’ll have some time in the morning to experiment.

So, here is the plan for this week:

Monday: sourdough crepes & yogurt smoothies :: veggie quesadillas :: tomato & lentil soup
Tuesday: yogurt smoothies :: sourdough corndog muffins :: quinoa cakes and roasted butternut squash
Wednesday: creamy rice :: corn dog muffins :: pork chops & quinoa
Thursday: oatmeal :: pizza quesadillas :: baked falafel & salad
Friday: oatmeal :: pb&j and carrots :: dinner out
Saturday: eggs & sausage :: leftovers :: hearty nachos
Sunday: pancakes :: leftovers :: salmon cakes & green beans